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Which learning and loan techniques use Linzer students?

Theoretical input connected with personal experiences of the Linzer students

Since the treatment of all learning techniques would blow up the time framework, we concentrate only on the following. Apart from a theoretical input we try to explain the individual learning techniques on the basis from examples to. The questioning is to clarify, who which learning techniques used or such could introduce itself to use.

Graphic learning:

Texts are enriched frequently by optically descriptive impressions in the form of pictures, illustrations, diagrams and designs. Reliably you know the saying a picture say more than thousand words! The substantial characteristic of pictures contrary to language or writing is its direct descriptiveness (Totter & Mühlbacher, 2002, P. 24) .

One can try illustrations to after-draw. One is to let run to try the illustrations like a film before itself. (see Totter & Mühlbacher, 2002). In the brain one is to try to note to names or representations pictures. Learning of teaching subjects in pictures or sketches is packed, makes it more easily it to keep (see Stangl, 2006).


The Exzerpt consists of logically arranged sense sections, whereby the order of the too exzerpierenden text must be kept only so far, when it is logical. A Exzerpt should contain the individual processing process and be co-ordinated after the training aims. The correct Exzerpt to a text does not give it. One is to always explain all foreign words in a Exzerpt, also graphic schematizing offers itself in a Exzerpt. One is to make always handwritten a Exzerpt, in order in such a way to have with the test the handwriting better in the exercise. In a Exzerpt one has the new formulating of a text already behind itself. This saves energy during the writing of the test (see Stangl, 2002).

Learn on the basis a self-developed pattern:

One can divide topics and material areas in self-developed patterns. One leaves completely the given structures in a book and builds themselves a new structure. One can compare thereby also different sources with one another. It is also possible to acquire themselves some material areas (in particular in mathematics and account system) on the basis arithmetical examples and to learn only afterwards the theory in addition.

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Learn with acronyms:

Acronyms are technical terms, those from the initial letters several words to be formed (Totter & Mühlbacher, 2002, P. 36).

The information represented by letters, usually are this the initial letters. These initial letters result in then a new technical term (see Totter & Mühlbacher, 2002). You notice this new word and from the respective letters are opened you the respective information (Totter & Mühlbacher, 2002, P. 36).

Some examples for this are:

ROGGBIV - Spektralfarben red, orange, green, yellow, blue, indigo, violet

EADGHE - guitar sides

Learn with Reimen and sayings:

Unconnected information is linked with one another by Reime (rhythm) (Totter & Mühlbacher, 2002, P. 35).

Each information to learn those is with something acquaintance is connected and then links one this into a Reim, so that one can note it more easily and longer (see Totter & Mühlbacher, 2002).

Examples are about:

753 Rome slips out of the egg

In spring after For, in the autumn to the rear (conversion of summer and winter time)

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What should they consider when selecting a repayment plan?

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Teaching subjects into a history pack

This method contains that one together lines teaching subjects up with associations. The correct sequence is to remain preserved thereby. The sequence and/or the members of a chain is not to tear and thus this so easily happened, not become the information into a history packed (o. A., o. J.).

Learning card index:

With the help of the learning card index one can hear, is called itself one decides alone, how long one considers, before one turns the map and how one works on many maps one behind the other. For the learning process (rate of learning, learning expenditure) that is psychologically very important, since one must control these, by letting be considered an answer still as correctly or as wrongly to rate having (see Stangl, 2006). A learning card index is suitable very well for words, in addition, for history, if one must note years and the event in addition.

Donkey bridges:

The work with donkey bridges shortens demonstrably the learning process, because this Lernmethode fits ideally the way, as the human memory stores contents. Effective learns makes it therefore necessary to manufacture a connection between what one would like to learn and which, what one already knows (o. A., o. J.).

An example of it:

carta (lat.) A map of paper. Paper


Both with the men and with the women it became clear that donkey bridges, Exzerpt, learning are on the basis a self-developed pattern and graphic learning the most popular learning techniques of the Linzer student inside. The Reim is to be acquired clearly the most unpopular way new knowledge. Students can introduce themselves rather to use new learning techniques as students. Here the favorites are the learning card index and again the Exzerpt.

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When is a loan considered to be in default?

Default occurs when they fail to meet the terms of the promissory note. This includes making late payments and failing to make payments. There may be serious consequences to their credit and their ability to borrow funds in the future.

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